Meet Dominique Valente – children’s author

Saturday 20th July at 2pm

We have invited children’s author Dominique Valente to talk about her debut book, ‘Starfell’.  Dominique is being described as ‘the brightest new star in Children’s literature’.  It is a hardback book but for children attending the event we are able to offer the book at £9.99.  Parents, carers, siblings, friends all are welcome.  Booking is advised but not necessary via email at

Dominique’s debut novel, ‘Starfell’ was described as “the most anticipated debut of 2019” on the front cover of The Bookseller. 

The event is on Saturday 20th July at 2pm, downstairs at Red Lion Books, 125 High Street, Colchester.

Colchester Tramways

In Colchester transport policy is always controversial and decisions can take years.  A hundred years ago things were different. In February 1903 the council voted to proceed with proposals for a tramway and just eighteen months later, in July 1904, the first tram set off from the town hall. Driven by the mayoress Mrs Gertrude Barrett it made its way to North Station via Lexden. On the first Saturday the trams had 10,000 passengers.

At 1 in 12, North Hill was the steepest section of the route and trams sometimes struggled to get up when the rails were slippery. Rather more worrying was the danger that they might not be able to stop on the way down and so speed was limited to 4 mph.

Eventually the faster, quieter, more comfortable motorbuses took over and in 1929 the trams were sold off for £5 each, becoming garden sheds, summer houses and even a café

This book celebrates the short period in Colchester’s history when trams ruled the roads.

Middleton Press hardback £18.95