School Wishlists & Events

Do you have a dream list of books for your school library?  If not we can help curate a wish list that can be registered with Red Lion Books and uploaded to our website.  It can then be shared with benefactors, ex pupils, current parent committees and any other bodies who may wish to gift books to your library

If you have a book related event we can manage book sales for you via our website, providing school discounts.


Will Mabbitt is visiting schools in Essex. If you would like to buy a book for your child to collect at school please use this link

Will Mabbitt writes. He writes in cafes, on trains, on the toilet, and sometimes in his head when his laptop runs out of power. He lives with his family somewhere in the south of England. Will is the author of The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones, Embassy of the Dead and many other titles.





St Thomas More’s Primary School


We have worked with the school to compile a list of the best books to improve the library at St Thomas More’s Primary School. If you would like to buy a book to add to the library then just click here to view the selection of books.