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by Andrew Summers and John Debenham

Essex Hundred Histories


An illustrated book detailing Essex history in an informative and entertaining manner. From the Romans’ sacking of Colchester to Ford’s Dagenham plant powered by wind turbines, each chapter reflects the diversity of the county as well as showing the role the county has played in the nation’s development.

Two thousand years of Essex History are related in one hundred chapters… ONE NIGHT IN BOXTED tells of Colchester’s long dispute with Lionel de Bradenhan, the Lord of Langenhoe Manor.  King Edward III, was supposed to resolve them when he came to Colchester.

In HARVEY’s SEA FENCIBLES, few people apart from historical naval buffs know of Sir Eliab Harvey of Rolls Park, Chigwell. Of all the units, regiments and formations that have served in the British Forces, Eliab Harvey’s Essex Sea Fencibles do not spring to mind!

HORSE PAINTER EXTRAORDINAIRE recalls Alfred Munnings’ disastrous speech to the Royal Academy. ELECTED BY 32 tells of the ‘truly rotten borough’ of Harwich where the two MPs chosen were the celebrated diarist Samuel Pepys and Sir Anthony Deane, a master shipwright, who both worked for the admiralty.

THE BRICK MAKER OF CHADWELL ST MARY shows another side of Daniel Defoe, considered the founder of English journalism and best remembered for penning Robinson Crusoe. Less well known perhaps is Defoe’s political and business career, much of it surrounded in mystery and intrigue.

Added into the mix are dragons being slain and the possibility that Shakespeare was an Essex man. There are warring Vikings, Saxons and Normans, revolting peasants, a cricket match with a difference, Zeppelins crashing to earth and much much more.

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