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Essex Folk Tales


Jan Williams

Essex has a rich tradition of legends and folk tales and this book is packed with mysteries, marvels and magical characters. The origins of many of these stories are lost in the dim and distant past but Jan Williams’s skill as a story teller shines though and she breathes new life into these old tales.

Hear about the ghost of the Roman centurion, forever marching alone across the Strood from the East Mersea Barrow and lamenting the loss of his love. Discover tales of dragons, or ‘worms’ as they were once known, and how a young knight’s bravery was put to the test.

There are stories of pirates, smugglers, highwaymen and ghostly ladies dressed in white. And, after a variety of unearthly terrors, the collection closes with ‘The King of Colchester’s Daughter’, a fairy tale of love and redemption.

This rich mix of tales may be aimed at 7 – 11-year-olds but can really be enjoyed by everyone and are illustrated with style and wit by Brightlingsea artist, Simon Peecock.

History Press , paperback, £9.99