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by Laura Davison and Claire Driver

CXXV: North Primary School’s 125th Anniversary Book


The CXXV project began in 2019, when North Primary School embarked on an extraordinary and ambitious two-year journey researching, retelling and celebrating the school’s history.  This was made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. and we are grateful to all the individuals and organisations who are supported CXXV, including Lexden History Group, Colchester Recalled, Essex Record Office and Sir Bob Russell, High Steward of Colchester.

The book tells the journey of the project, how we worked and what we did, ranging from the research and community engagement through to the people we met, the final celebration events, and the artworks by Lisa Temple-Cox and Nicola Burrell. It brings together our research of North’s history, illustrated by the wonderful photographs and memories that were donated to the school’s archive.

The book also includes a series of articles, generously contributed by individuals which provide us with a different insight into the story of North School. Articles are:

· Tales from the Churchyard by Liz White, from Lexden History Group

· Uncle Henry by Paul Gallifant

· North Street School by Susan Wilson

· Architect’s Tale by Robin Matthews

· A Walk Down Memory Lane by Peter Constable

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