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by Patrick Denney

Colchester History Tour


This may be rather a small book for a town with so much history but that makes it perfect for those wanting a short introduction to Colchester as well as for visitors.

With a map at the front, it can be used as a walking tour guide by following the numbered stopping points. Each page highlights one landmark and includes illustrations showing how Colchester’s streets and buildings changed through the ages.

The Red Lion Inn started life as the White Lion! One photograph of the High Street shows a temporary sign announcing the opening of the first Sainsbury’s store. The Victorian water tower was christened ‘Jumbo’ by a vicar who was upset at the giant structure being built at the bottom of his garden. And look out for the brass elephant on the weather vane atop the tower.

Whether you sit down to read it or follow the guided tour this is a fascinating collection of historical insights.

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