Colchester’s Secret Roman River

From its source in Willow Wood, Great Tey to Fingringhoe where it joins the River Colne, Roman River flows through 12 miles of flatlands, carving a narrow, deep sided valley. Stone age axe heads and tools show how long the area has been inhabited. Later, fortified with earthen dykes, it became the stronghold of Cunobelin and the most significant settlement in pre-Roman Britain.

The book is wide ranging. How otters, once almost extinct, have returned to the river, helped by habitat improvements. How local Civil engineer, Peter Bruff built the monumental Chappell Viaduct – with 32 arches and over 7 million bricks.

Ken Rickwood has been exploring Roman River for over 50 years. He is the perfect guide, always exploring to rediscover some long overgrown boundary stone or carved OS bench mark. He brings great love for our local countryside and enormous historical knowledge to describe the course of this small but important river.

David Cleveland paperback £10.00

Seas and Fantasies

an exhibition of paintings by Allan Price

“Seas and Fantasies” is the second exhibition from Allan Price, which brings him back to Red Lion Books.

Allan was born in Cheshunt and grew up in Birmingham where he embarked on his career as an engineer. He had always enjoyed art (both seeing and doing), but only in recent years has he picked up his paints and brushes as a committed, if part-time, artist. He prefers to work with acrylic or watercolours.

Allan has lived in Colchester since 2015, and is married to local radio presenter/producer, Liz Mullen. The proximity of Mersea Island soon proved an inspiration, but so have other watery locations, from the Firth Of Clyde to Norfolk, Northumbria and Northern Ireland. This exhibition also includes the second in his occasional series of wrecked rowing boats: “Abandoned – Reclaimed”

Allan has benefitted from the support of artists Angella Horner (founder of Colchester’s CO3 Gallery) and Sally Delaney – whose life drawing classes at Firstsite have also helped to improve his techniques and expand his horizons. As Engineering & Facilities Manager of a pharmaceutical company, Allan brings an engineer’s eye to his more draughtsman-like fantasies, nicknamed Geo-Doodles.

Yet again, Allan is enormously grateful to Jo Coldwell and Red Lion Books for giving him this opportunity.

There will be a Private View of the exhibition on Saturday 18th January from 2 – 3 pm. All are welcome to this opportunity to meet the artist.

The exhibition will continue through to the end of January.