‘Study of Birds’ by Sara Napoletani

heronWe are pleased to be hosting an exhibition of new pictures by Sara Napoletani.  This collection of bird pictures have all been painted over the summer and autumn of 2016 and this is the first time they have been on show. Mostly finely painted water colours, save for two large and dramatic pictures in egg tempera, these pictures all reflect Sara’s recently developed endeavour to capture the spirit of birds in flight.

The exhibition continues through December and into the New Year.

On Saturday afternoon November 26th Sara will be in the shop 2.30 – 3.30 so do come along to meet her and find out more about her art.





Civilised Saturday – 26th November

Black Friday (25th November) is the day so many retailers seem to celebrate now. Imported here from America, you’ve probably seen the clips of shoppers shouting, stampeding and even fighting to be first to the pile of cut price, flat screen TV’s.

Civilised Saturday is the book trade’s antidote so join us on Saturday 26th November for a truly civilised shopping experience.


On Saturday 26th November Red Lion Books will be at your beck and call for a civilised shopping experience. Your book wish will be our command. Pull up a chair, let us pour you a sherry and relax into some Christmas shopping.

Slippers are optional.

We will also be welcoming the new art exhibition STUDY OF BIRDS by local artist Sara E Napoletani who will be in the shop 2.30 – 3.30 pm.

If you are able, email us beforehand with a list of people you would like to buy for.   We can provide you with book suggestions or prepare a basket of books to be waiting for you.

Help us help you by telling us about the recipient, either by their relationship to you or their interest.

Of course , all our customers are civilised and most welcome to join us on the 26th November or during our normal opening hours of Monday – Saturday 9.00 am – 5.30 pm


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Meet Natasha Pulley, author of ‘The Watchmaker of Filigree Street’

Wednesday 28th September at 5.30 pm

We are really pleased to have Natasha Pulley drop in to the shop for an informal talk and conversation about her brilliant first novel, ‘The Watchmaker of Filigree Street’ which has quickly become an award winning international bestseller.

About the book

watchmakerIn 1883, Thaniel Steepleton returns to his tiny flat to find a gold pocketwatch on his pillow. He is a telegraphist at the Home Office, which has just received a bomb threat. When the watch saves Thaniel’s life in a blast that destroys Scotland Yard, he goes in search of its maker, Keita Mori – a kind, lonely immigrant who sweeps him into a new world of clockwork and music.

Although Mori seems harmless at first, a chain of unexpected slips soon proves that he must be hiding something. Meanwhile, Grace Carrow is sneaking into an Oxford library dressed as a man. A theoretical physicist, she is desperate to prove the existence of the luminiferous ether before her mother can force her to marry.

As the lives of these three characters become entwined, Thaniel is torn between loyalties, futures and opposing geniuses. Utterly beguiling, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street blends historical events with dazzling flights of fancy to plunge readers into a strange and magical past, where time, destiny, genius – and a clockwork octopus – collide.

‘The Watchmaker of Filigree Street’ is available in paperback at £7.99.

Book Launch: ‘Katharina Luther: Nun, Wife, Rebel’ by Anne Boileau

Tuesday 11th October at 7.30 pm

Come and join us to celebrate the launch of a new novel which tells the fascinating but little known story of Katharina, wife of Martin Luther.


On 31st October 1517, Martin Luther pinned ninety-five theses on the Castle Church door, Wittenberg, criticizing the Church of Rome; they were printed and published by Lucas Cranach and caused a storm. Nine young nuns, intoxicated by Luther’s subversive writings, became restless and longed to leave their convent. On Good Friday 1523 a haulier smuggled them out hidden in empty herring barrels. Five of them settled in Wittenberg, the very eye of the storm, and one of them – Katharina von Bora – scandalised the world by marrying the revolutionary former monk. Following a near miscarriage, she is confined to her bed to await the birth of their first child; during this time, she sets down her own story. Against a backdrop of 16th Century Europe this vivid account of Katharina von Bora’s early life brings to the spotlight this spirited and courageous woman.

Anne Boileau grew up on a small farm in rural Suffolk and has an affinity with its ancient landscape, its history and wildlife. She studied German in Munich and worked as translator, interpreter and language teacher before returning to University to study for a BSc. She translates German poetry into English and her own poems have appeared in many anthologies. Awards include: Second prize in the George Crabbe Competition 2012, third prize 2014 and First Prize in the Grey Hen Poetry Competition 2016. Her poetry collection Shoal Moon was published by Grey Hen Press in 2014.

Katharina Luther is published in paperback by Clink Press price £8.99.