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Silent Book Club at Red Lion Books


Silent Book Club

Turn up, read your book.  The simplicity of it is beautiful and, in our case, very necessary as we are struggling to find the time to read!  We are too busy talking about books to actually read them 😉


Launched on Monday 5th February at 5pm the event will USUALLY run on the first Monday of the Month

13th May

10th June

1st July

No meeting in August

2nd September

7th October

4th November

£8 ticket provides the space to read and you will be given a £10 book voucher (which can be exchanged at any time)

If the timings work,  we will continue to host this as a monthly event



13th May


The idea was inspired by, or rather stolen from fellow booksellers, The Book Hive in Norwich.  Read on for more information


The idea was created by bookseller Joe Hedinger in response to research from the UK charity The Reading Agency, which found that 67% of UK adults would like to read more and we couldn’t word it better.  Here he says,

‘The research found that reading wasn’t just for entertainment. Nearly two thirds of people said they’d like to turn to a book in times of stress, anxiety or illness. However, people struggle to find time to read, because the demands and distractions of hectic lifestyles get in the way.

‘Our idea was to think about reading as a practice. Rather than snatching a few lines before bed or on your commute, what if reading was something you committed regular time to — just like putting an hour aside for the gym, yoga or meditation?

‘Considering the pace of modern life, taking a moment to slow down and focus on one thing isn’t just good for our wellbeing – it’s actually quite a rebellious act!’

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