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In Conversation: <br> Rosie Wilby & Kirsty Loehr (who says lesbians can’t be funny)

19 October
In Conversation: <br> Rosie Wilby & Kirsty Loehr (who says lesbians can’t be funny)
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Red Lion Books

Who says lesbians can’t be funny?: Rosie Wilby & Kirsty Loehr in conversation

19th October 2022, 6pm

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Author event includes a signed copy of both books and a welcome drink.

The Breakup Monologues (hardback) and A Short History of Queer Women

No, they weren’t ‘just friends‘!

Queer women have been written out of history since, well, forever. ‘But historians famously care about women!’, said no one. From Anne Bonny and Mary Read who sailed the seas together disguised as pirates, to US football captain Megan Rapinoe declaring ‘You can’t win a championship without gays on your team’, via countless literary salons and tuxedos, A Short History of Queer Women sets the record straight on women who have loved other women through the ages.

‘My favourite way to learn is when a funny, clever, honest person is teaching me – that’s why I love Rosie Wilby!’ – Sara Pascoe

Comedian and podcaster Rosie Wilby was dumped by email…though she did feel a little better about it after correcting her ex’s spelling and punctuation. Obsessing about breakups ever since, she embarked on a quest to investigate, understand and conquer the psychology of heartbreak. The Breakup Monologues is a love letter to her breakups, a celebration of what they have taught her peppered with anecdotes from illustrious friends and interviews with relationship therapists, scientists and sociologists about separating in the modern age of ghosting, breadcrumbing and conscious uncoupling.

This event will be held downstairs at Red Lion Books which is regrettably not accessible to wheelchair users.   If bookings exceed available space, this event may be moved offsite and incur a small, additional charge

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Date: 19 October 2022.
Time: 18.00
Venue: Hosted By
Address: Red Lion Books
Hosting: Red Lion Books
Phone: 01206 578584