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Book Clubs

We believe that books connect us and book clubs prove this to be true.

Rule one of book club; don’t talk about book club

…which can’t be true because our book clubs have grown through word of mouth. We host book clubs for children and adults who love sharing their thoughts about a book – good or bad – with like minded people.

Children are put into different groups, based on age. Their purpose is for children to meet ‘their people’ – a tribe of book lovers who feel confident exchanging thoughts within a fun and informal setting.  Groups are based on social skills and not reading ability and are free to attend. We just ask that you purchase your book from Red Lion Books

Adult book clubs happen during the daytime at Red Lion Books,  over  coffee and biscuits (or tea!). Evening events include supper and are hosted by Appetite Book Club


Get involved

Our Book Clubs

Our youngest group (age 7-10)

Red Lion Books lead the discussions for this age group by gently encouraging members to share their voice but respecting the children who prefer to observe.

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Our middle group (age 11-13)

Red Lion Books join in the discussions which are very much led by the children themselves.

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Our teen group (age 14-16)

Red Lion Books offers the space for young adults to meet but we don’t join in the conversations (unless asked to!).

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Our YA group (The Cocoa Book Club age 18-25)

Red Lion Books now offers a YA Book Group called The Cocoa Bookclub

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Our daytime adult group (hosted by Appetite Book Club)

Red Lion Books offers a daytime book club which is in association with Appetite Book Club who meet of an evening.  Our daytime group meets once a month, on the last Thursday, at 11.30am

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Adult book group in the evening is run by Appetite Book Club

Appetite Book Club meet at various venues in Colchester over a 2-course supper and a glass of wine.  Please email for more information about this event

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Book Clubs

Why Join?


Widen your reading

Ask about our latest book choice

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Meet like minded people

Bookies are some of the best kind of people


Challenge your views

by hearing both sides of the story

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Feel heard

We want to hear your opinion

The monthly bookclub is excellently run by Jo and great fun

This is a superb independent bookshop with helpful and knowledgeable staff. The monthly bookclub is excellently run by Jo and great fun, with interesting book choices.

Anne Kiely

I go there for my monthly book club, look forward to going!

Really friendly staff, wide variety of books to choose from, I go there for my monthly book club, look forward to going!

Sarah Jane whiten