Book Clubs

Children’s Book Groups

The emphasis is firmly on reading for pleasure and sharing the excitement and that books bring.  In 2017 the shop became an official ‘learning’ for the Children’s University. Participants have their ‘Passport to Learning’ stamped when they attend. These fun sessions help develop and maintain the reading habit from childhood through teenage years into adulthood.

There are 3 groups:  Age 7-10, Age 11-13 and Age 13+

They meet in the shop on Saturday afternoons towards the end of each month. There is no charge for the children’s book groups – entry is by buying the book at the shop.

Grown-up Book Groups (Daytime and evenings)

Daytime Appetite Book Club meet in the shop at 10.30am usually on the last Monday of the month.  We have space for 20 people to meet up to discuss each month’s chosen book. As the morning book group has become increasingly popular we have now added an afternoon session at 2.30pm to give more people the chance to join in.

With a cup of real coffee and a homemade cake made by local baker GOOD SOULS BAKERY this is an ideal way to meet other book lovers and share reading experiences.  The cost is £10.00 which includes entrance to book club, coffee and cake, and a £5.00 club voucher which can be used for the next club choice or for any other book.

Please email us for more details and to find out the next book club choice.

The daytime Appetite Book Club is the new addition to the evening club which started in 2008

Both clubs are run by Jo Coldwell who joined Red Lion Books in 2016.  The evening Appetite Book Club holds meetings on the last Monday and the last Wednesday of the month.   It has grown steadily over the years. The group meet together over a two-course meal and glass of wine at a local restaurant. It attracts  over  100 people each month and  authors often attend.

For more information and to book a place please  email  Jo to 

Or find out more on the Appetite Book Club facebook page here

All groups read the same book allowing members to switch from daytime to evening sessions to suit.