BLOG POST: What is this ‘Under Wraps’?!

It all started with ‘Jolaokaflod’!  This is an Icelandic term, translating to ‘Christmas book flood’ and is used to describe books that are gifted on Christmas Eve.  At Red Lion Books we gift-wrapped a book we

hoped our customers would love and sold it in the run-up to Christmas.  Its purchase came with rules:

  1. It had to be a gift to yourself
  2. It had to be opened on Christmas Eve
  3. You couldn’t post it on social media





More on this in an earlier blog!

We had so much fun with the idea that we decided to offer something similar all year. New, mystery fiction, wrapped up monthly. Then we had to think of a name.   We settled on ‘underwraps’ because of the double meaning.  The book is wrapped up and we have to keep its title secret all month!

Some past titles


Underwraps can be bought instore or as part of our monthly subscription