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The Time by the Sea

Ronald Blythe
Ronald Blythe may be in his nineties these days but his literary output shows no signs of slowing down!

Just published is a wonderful memoir of his life in Aldeburgh in the 1950’s where, as a totally unknown young man dreaming of becoming a writer, he rented a bungalow for the winter. Within a week he bumped into E M Forster outside the fishmongers and soon became part of the vibrant musical and artistic community of the area. He became friends with Forster and with Imogen Holst and Benjamin Britten who invited him to help work on the Aldeburgh Festival.

Blythe’s recall for the people, places and events of nearly 60 years ago is astounding and his descriptions glow with colour and character. Publication is perfectly timed for the centenary of Britten’s birth.

Paperback, £8.99.