Book Cover

Stour Seasons

Ronald Blythe

Ronald Blythe has lived in Bottengoms farm in the Stour valley for almost forty years. Before that, owned by the painter, John Nash, the ancient farmhouse had long been a hub for a talented artistic community. With Ronald Blythe in residence that rich tradition has been maintained with a stream of painters and writers visiting.

Stour Seasons is the latest collection of the acclaimed columns written for the Church Times. Blythe has said, ‘What I basically am is a listener and a watcher’. In these essays he quietly records his observations of life in the countryside while reflecting on culture, literature, friends and his beloved garden. Whether describing market day in the village, a visit to Aldeburgh or the life of the local parish church, Ronald Blythe brings a freshness of vision to all he sees and gently teases out the value and richness to be found in the small things that make up life.