Stitched Harbours – an exhibition of textile art







The exciting new exhibition showcases the talents  of two local textile art groups, ‘stitchers inc’ and ‘Lost the Thread, showing together for the first time. The two groups have been exploring textile arts for several years (stitchers inc. celebrated its first major exhibition in Aug 2016) and draw members from all over the north of Essex and south Suffolk. They come together enjoying the boundless inspiration and expert guidance provided by Little Tey-based artist and tutor, Alex Waylett.

The harbour theme, chosen for this exhibition, is one which resonates strongly with many of the group and places pictures range from  loved local views – such as Wivenhoe and Maldon, through equally loved but more distant scenes from our own lives, to ones which have strong family connections both current and ancestral.


The exhibition runs through to the end of September