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by Samuel Fisher



Wivenhoe is a much-loved village only 6 miles from Red Lion Books.  Wivenhoe –  the novel – is a much anticipated and rather brilliant literary fiction from Samuel Fisher, who is also an indie bookseller.  There is so much to love about this publication and one we are very much looking forward to sharing with our customers.


Never thought he would miss the mud: the gleaming, slickness of it. The slap and suck at the turning of the tide; its rich, bird-shit stink after a hot day and a couple of pints at the Rose. Or the green-blue-yellow hues that marked the changes in the light, as the days and seasons marched over the village and the river.  And now, just snow. Endless snow. A young man is found brutally murdered in the middle of the snowed-in village of Wivenhoe.  Over his body stands another man, axe in hand. The gathered villagers must deal with the consequences of an act that no-one tried to stop. WIVENHOE is a haunting novel set in an alternate present, in a world that is slowly waking up to the fact that it is living through an environmental disaster.

Taking place over twenty-four hours and told through the voices of a mother and her adult son, we see how one small community reacts to social breakdown and isolation. Samuel Fisher imagines a world, not unlike our own, struck down and on the edge of survival. Tense, poignant, and set against a dramatic landscape, WIVENHOE asks the question: if society as we know it is lost, what would we strive to save? At what point will we admit complicity in our own destruction?

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