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Underland: A Deep Time Journey


Robert Macfarlane

We bury treasure. We bury bodies. And deep within the earth we bury the radioactive waste from our nuclear power plants. Below the surface we keep safe things that we value and we hide things that we fear. Robert Macfarlane explores our relationship with what lies below the land we walk upon.

His travels take him to Paris where 200 miles of tunnels criss-cross beneath the streets and in them the bones and skulls of 6 million people are stored. He abseils into glacier and witnesses a vast cathedral of ice break away from the ice sheet in Finland. He examines prehistoric cave paintings and underground science laboratories where elusive dark matter is researched.

Closer to home he describes the enormous fungal networks that extend beneath the ground in Epping Forest linking the trees into one super organism.

Macfarlane is an exciting and stylish guide to the unusual worlds beneath us.

Penguin paperback, £10.99