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Two Book Bundle – 6 Months


This is a two book bundle for a six  month book subscription service, and includes postage.

You can select two of the subscriptions below

You can include your choices in this booking but if you are unsure please don’t worry about making a decision now, because we will email you (or the recipient of the gift) before anything is posted, to ensure you are happy with the choice.   Choices can be changed throughout the year.

THE UNDERWRAPS – A new and undiscovered fiction read. Each month will have it’s own seasonal theme which will be announced on the Red Lion Books Social Media.

THE BOOK CLUB – Red Lion Books has an array of book clubs, and if you pick this subscription, you can receive a copy of Appetite Book club or Cocoa Book club’s monthly pick. NOTE: This option does not include access to the book clubs – that is a separate price.

PICK A GENRE – The ‘Pick a Genre’ option is perfect for those with a specific reading taste looking to broaden their bookshelves. Tell us your reading preferences, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or politics, and we will find books to match. Please note, if this is a gift, the recipient can tell us their preferences at a later date.

THE CLASSICS – Every month we will select a beautiful hardback edition of a well-loved classic novel from the Wordsworth Classics Hardback Collection.

THE SMALL PRESS – There are many new independent small publishing houses finding themselves on prestigious book prize lists. This is the perfect way to support lesser known authors and publishers.

THE AESTHETICS – Like Female Rage? Dark Academia? Greek Mythology? Or something else?
Tell us the theme/aesthetic you like, and we’ll find something to satisfy the urge. Please note, if this is a gift, the recipient can tell us their preferences at a later date.

THE POETRY SUBSCRIPTION – Every month, we send a different poetry book by a wide range of poets, these vary from the all time greats to the latest releases.

THE TRANSLATED SUBSCRIPTION – Find your new favourite author from around the world! We select an author whose work has been translated into English for you

THE CHILDRENS SUBSCRIPTION – Reading is important, and we want to nurture a love for reading in young readers. Red Lion Books is known for it’s children’s section, so tell us about your little reader and we can find books to grow their love of reading