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by Liu, Cixin, Liu, Ken

The Three-Body Problem


Faraway in the universe is a solar system where three suns revolve around each other in an unstable fashion. The single planet in the system moves through phases of extreme chaos where civilisation is threatened. From this planet an invasion force is heading towards earth – but it will be 450 year before it arrives. Early contact is made and a secret organisation develops amongst people disillusioned with earthly trends who believe the invaders can solve earth’s problems. Among them is Ye Wenjie, an astrophysics graduate, who as a child witnessed her father beaten to death by the Red Guards during the Cultural revolution. An epic of interplanetary contact exploring power, science, politics and conspiracies.


The Three-Body Problem

by Liu, Cixin, Liu, Ken | Fiction & related items
Published 03/12/2015 by Head of Zeus as part of The Three-Body Problem series
Paperback | 416 pages


by Liu, Cixin, Liu, Ken

Publisher: Head of Zeus

Format: Paperback

ISBN (EAN): 9781784971571

Date of Publication: 03/12/2015

Series: The Three-Body Problem

Number of Pages: 416 pages


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