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by Jo Simmons

The Reluctant Vampire Queen by Jo Simmons


RED LION BOOKS Book Club choice July 2022

Meet Mo Merrydrew – independent young woman, Mini Battenberg fan, president of the debating society – and reluctant vampire queen … Fifteen-year-old Mo Merrydrew isn’t exactly expecting to be asked to be Vampire Queen of Great Britain when she’s cycling home from school one wet Tuesday evening. Apparently, she is ‘the Chosen One’.   Aside from being uncomfortable with the idea of unelected power (not very democratic), there’s the blood drinking to consider (Mo is a vegetarian), and frankly it’s just not really the sort of role Mo’s looking for (she wants to aim for a real job in politics). But – if you’re Vampire Queen, you probably don’t have to do PE any more, and when the dreamy Luca, a vampire familiar, turns up, it all suddenly starts to look a bit more appealing … Geek Girl meets Buffy in a brilliantly funny new teen series from bestselling author Jo Simmons


Author: Jo Simmons

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Format: Paperback

ISBN (EAN): 9781471411786

Date of Publication: 7 July 2022


Number of Pages: