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The Colchester Book of Days


Simon Webb

New for 2013, ‘The Colchester Book of Days’ contains quirky, eccentric, amusing and important events and facts from different periods in the history of Britain’s oldest recorded town.

For each day throughout the year, author Simon Bell has unearthed some relevant event from the vaults of Colchester’s archives. And the charm of this book is the scope and variety of the historical snippets presented – from medieval times right through to last year. So side by side we find that on June 10th 1530 Thomas Beche was appointed Abbot of St John’s Abbey (he was later sent to the Tower of London after upsetting Henry 8th and finally executed in 1539). On June 11th 1834 the windmill in Old Heath Road was blown down in a storm and on June 12th 2010 an episode of Dr Who was broadcast set entirely in Colchester. The Tardis lands in modern day Colchester then dematerialises leaving the Doctor stranded and having to rent a local bedsit! An important entry for this paper is for January 7th 1831 when the Essex County Standard was launched.

Each day’s entry is fleshed out with background details making this an addictive book that will keep you entertained and informed.

History Press hardback, £9.99