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by Jenny McLachlan

Stink by Jenny McLachlan (Our Age 7-10 Book Club Choice)


A laugh-out-loud diary-style story written and illustrated by the author of the Land of Roar.

We all know fairies.
They’re sweet and sparkly and lovely. Right? WRONG! Meet Stink. Stink is the rudest, naughtiest fairy there’s ever been.
Instead of sparkles, Stink makes mess. Instead of being kind, Stink plays pranks. She also eats woodlice and rides on rats.
From the moment Stink flies out of the fairy door and attaches herself to his hair, Danny knows that Stink is trouble. She needs his help to do a good deed and win her silver wings – and Danny will do anything to get Stink to go back to fairyland. But can Stink ever be good? A laugh out loud adventure featuring the world’s worst fairy, multiple multi-coloured foxes and loads of troll poo.


Author: Jenny McLachlan

Publisher: Farshore

Format: Paperback

ISBN (EAN): 9780008524272

Date of Publication: March 2023


Number of Pages: