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Signed, sprayed or Special edition stock – Non-Children titles


Signed stock is limited and, by its nature, sells fast

If you have seen a signed or special edition product on Twitter, Instagram or other, please email us.   We are more likely to have availability if your enquiry is pre-publication.  We aim to update this list but because we have a bricks and mortar shop, it isn’t possible to update stock in live time
Please email for more details of the book you are interested
Our signed titles are new and varied and ever changing and we don’t charge more than the RRP for them.
Please read carefully, as not all books are signed.  Some are sprayed, and/or indie exclusives
Hardback, followed by paperbacks
Hardback Editions
2024, February
Empire of the Damned by Jay Kristoff £22, Harper Voyager

2023, November

  • THE YEAR OF THE LOCUST by Terry Hayes, Signed, Transworld, £22
  • GOOD MATERIAL by Dolly Alderton, Signed, £18.99
  • STUART BROAD: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Stuart Broad, Hardback, Signed, Hodder £25.00
  • THE NARROW ROAD BETWEEN DESIRES by Patrick Rothfuss, Hardback, Signed, Orion Publishing Co, £14.99

2023, October

  • HANSEL & GRETEL by Simon Armitage, Hardback, Signed, Independent Book shop Edition, Faber & Faber, £14.99
  • THE DEFECTOR by Chris Hadfield, Hardback, Signed, Quercus, £20.00
  • ROMAN STORIES by Jhumpa Lahiri, Hardback, Signed, Picador, £16.99
  • DIFFERENT ASPECTS: A MEMOIR by Michael Ball, Hardback, Signed, Bonnier Books, £25.00


2023, September

  • THE SEVENTH SON by Sebastian Faulks, Hardback, Signed, Cornerstone, £22.00
  • THE TURNGLASS by Gareth Rubin, Hardback, Signed, Simon and Schuster, £16.99
  • EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING by Clive Myrie, Hardback, Signed, Hachette, £22.00
  • WEIRDO by Sara Pasco Hardback, Signed, Faber and Faber, £14.99
  • THE SECRET HOURS by Mick Herron, Hardback, Signed, Independent Bookshop Edition, Hachette, £22.00
  • LEARNED BY HEART by Emma Donoghue, Hardback, Signed, Sprayed Edge, Picador, £16.99
  • THE BOYS OF WINTER by Lawrence Dallaglio, Hardback, Signed, Bonnier £22.0
  • WHAT’S THAT LADY DOING? by Lou Sanders, Hardback, Signed, Penguin Ltd, £18.99
  • ROGUE by Mona Awad, Hardback, independent bookshop editions, Harpercollins £16.99
  • BEHIND THE SHOULDER PADS by Joan Collins, Hardback, Signed, Hachette, £22.00

2023, August

  • THE BONE SEASON – 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION by Samantha Shannon, Hardback, Signed, Fully Revised New Material, £20
  • THE BOOK OF FIRE  by  Christy Lefteri  Hardback, first edition, signed, Manilla Press, £16.99
  • FAIR ROSALINE by Natasha Solomons, Hardback, signed indie ‘pink’ edition, Bonnier, £14.99
  • MEMORY OF ANIMALS by Claire Fuller, Hardback, Signed, Penguin Ltd, £16.99
  • PENANCE by Eliza Clark, Hardback, Signed, Faber & Faber, £14.99
  • WAIT FOR ME by Santa Montefiore, Hardback, Signed, Simon & Schuster, £16.99
  • MRS PORTER CALLING by AJ Pearce, Hardback, Signed, Picador, £16.99
  • BLISS & BLUNDER by Victoria Gosling, Hardback, Signed, Serpent’s Tail, £16.99
  • ORDINARY HUMAN FEELINGS by Megan Nolan, Hardback, Signed,  Vintage Publishing, £16.99
  • THE GHOST SHIP by Kate Mosse, Hardback, Signed, Sprayed Edge, Pan Macmillan, £22.00

2023, earlier

  • FOXASH by Kate Worsley, Hardback, Signed, Tinder Press, £18.99
  • THE SQUARE OF SEVENS by Laura Shepherd-Robinson, Hardback, Signed, Sprayed Edge, Pan Macmillan, £18.99
  • EVERYTHING’S FINE by Cecilia Rabess, Hardback, Signed, Picador, £16.99
  • THE GHOST THEATRE by Mat Osman, Hardback, Signed, Bloomsbury, £16.99
  • CHAIN-GANG ALL-STARS by Ana Kwame Adjeu-Brenyah, Hardback, Signed, Vintage Publishing
  • TWO TRIBES by Chris Beckett, Hardback, Signed, Atlantic Books, £16.99
  • THE FASCINATION by Essie Fox, Hardback, Sprayed Edges, Orenda books, £14.99
  • THE SHARING ECONOMY by Sophie Berrebi, Hardback, Sprayed Edge, Scribner, £14.99
  • HAY WIRE The Best of Craig Brown, Hardback, first edition, signed, 4th Estate, £25

Paperback editions

  • FIVE SURVIVE by Holly Jackson, Paperback, Signed, Sprayed Edge Electric Monkey, £8.99


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