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by Forward by Libby Purves

Oysters and Oilskins; The Clothes of East Coast Fishermen


In 2013 the Trust worked with the local University of the Third Age (U3A) to recreate the clothing that the crew of Pioneer would have worn in late Victorian times. The Trust was interested in finding out what kind of kit protected the oystermen while out dredging in the North Sea during the winter months. The idea was that the clothing would be recreated as authentically as possible using the materials, methods and patterns of the time.
The book OYSTERS AND OILSKINS, published in 2018, provides an account of the working lives of the crew as well as information about the social and economic circumstances of the time.

It contains a description of each item from underwear to weather proof outer layers and a detailed account of how the various items of clothing were reproduced.

Illustrated with lots of archive and contemporary photographs+

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