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Oyster Isles: A Journey Through Britain and Ireland’s Oysters


Bobby Groves

A broad-ranging engaging story of the oyster part history part travel.

Starting from the earliest known Britons who enjoyed oysters, the Shetlanders in Skara Brae were eating them some 5000 years ago.

They were mentioned in the Domesday Book, Samuel Pepys wrote about them, Dickens talked about them as the food of the poor. How things change.

The journey starts with Maldon’s oyster flatbeds, through  Mersea Island, on to Colchester with its famous Oyster Feast, its oyster charter dating from 1189.

Then the story continues via the Deben, Lindisfarne, right up to the Scottish western isles, Wales and over to Ireland and finally, London. Each place has its own traditions, its oysters and its own enthusiasts.

A travelogue, a history, and a lot of eating on the way.

A fascinating and entertaining story of this ancient delicacy, and how we can protect it and enjoy it today.