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Shane Hegarty

You’ve probably never been to Darkmouth and if you have it will have been by accident. For Darkmouth is a town which you won’t find on most maps. It appears to be a pleasant English seaside town with a lovely beach and the best ice cream. But it is also the last place on Earth with a gateway to an otherworldly land of monsters. The monsters are known as Legends and Finn is a twelve year old by who comes from the last family of Legend Hunters. When the monsters begin to gather and plans are afoot for a major invasion threatening, not just Darkmouth but the whole world, it falls to Finn to lead in the fight. Trouble is he is a very reluctant hero and none too skilled in the monster fighting department. This the first in a fast-paced, funny, fantasy adventure for 8 – 12 year olds.

HarperCollins paperback, £6.99