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by Ian Fleming

Chitty Chitty Bang
With new illustrations by Thomas Gilbert
Event with the lllustrator
Saturday 15th June, 10am
During Independent Bookshop Week


This is a publisher/illustrator talk and not a workhop but there will be the fun (!) opportunity to ‘have a go’ at drawing!

We’re incredibly excited to be working with artist Thomas Gilbert to celebrate the new paperback anniversary edition of Chitty.

It will feature not only the dynamic, breathtaking cover design above but also more than 40 original black and white illustrations throughout

Chitty was written by Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond and the inspiration for the classic, beloved film.

The Event

Simon Ward, Publishing Director will interview Thomas about Chitty and how he draws.  The event will include an informal tutorial for the audience, young and old, to participate in.   This is optional but given the Potts Family invents sweets – there will be sweets for those who try!


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