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by CL Miller

C.L Miller – Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder


The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder

Hear about super sleuths Freya and her eccentric aunt Carole, who are drawn into a thrilling murder mystery when Freya’s antique-dealer mentor dies in suspicious circumstances leaving a letter full of clues, culminating in an antiques convention in Suffolk where everyone’s a suspect. Antiques enthusiasts will enjoy hearing about the real antiques used in the book, and crime lovers will get a small taste of some truly interesting items worthy of being discovered on the BBC Antique Roadshow.


Cara started working life in publishing as an editorial assistant for her mother, Judith Miller on the Miller’s Antique Price Guide and as a researcher for the Antique Hunter’s Guide and then went into hospitality and events. After she had children, she decided to follow her long-held dream of becoming an author and took time out to concentrate full-time on her writing. Cara lives in a medieval cottage in Dedham Vale, Suffolk with her family where this series it set.

This book was written in consultation with international antiques expert, Judith Miller (1951 – 2023) a regular specialist on BBC Antiques Roadshow. Judith was also the co-founder of the bestselling annual Miller’s Antiques Price Guide started in 1979. She went on to write more than 120 books on antiques and interiors.




Author: CL Miller


Format: Hardback


Date of Publication: 14th March 2024


Number of Pages:

2 reviews for C.L Miller – Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder

  1. Red Lion Books


    I went to a talk about The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder given by the author. Although I’m not especially interested in antiques I felt myself drawn to this book when I discovered that it was set locally in the Dedham Vale and that C L Miller’s parents were antiques experts, meaning that its setting would be authentic. When during her talk Cara mentioned that she’d come up with the idea for the book during a game of Cluedo, wondering what the candlestick used by Professor Plumb in the library actually looked like, I decided I had read this book!

    There was much to enjoy and it was an easy and satisfying read. Firstly it has two strong female leads in Freya and her Aunt Carole who team up to investigate the suspicious death of antique shop owner Arthur Crockleford, Carole’s best friend and Freya’s estranged mentor. Arthur has left a trail of clues that lead Freya and Carole to an antique enthusiasts weekend at Copthorn Manor. As the guests and hosts gather for dinner in the old Manor House it becomes clear that nobody is quite what they seem and that the antiques on show are just cheap reproductions.

    As a young woman Arthur had taken Freya under his wing, recognising her talent for noticing things and eye for detail that make her an ideal antique hunter. However 20 years ago something happened in Cairo that led Freya to leave the job she loved, something that she blamed Arthur for. She marries and although has a lovely daughter Jade, Freya becomes a pale shadow of her former self. Throughout the book Freya gradually regains her old confidence and resourcefulness. She is a likeable heroine and it was satisfying to see her come into her own.

    Carole is an absolute hoot! Flamboyant of dress and determined to make the most of everything, she is a great advert for the mature woman. She is loyal to her old friend Arthur with whom she has shared some great adventures all over the world and it is her determination that brings Freya back to Suffolk to help her discover what happened to Arthur.

    It was a fast paced book with a lot of dialogue and I enjoyed the Manor House setting which was very atmospheric, especially with a power cut and storm raging outside. There is more than a touch of Agatha Christie here! I also liked the way that characters seemed to be one thing and them turned out to be completely different. Bella in particular was another strong woman – overlook her at your peril!

    There was an excellent twist at the end and I did not see it coming! Best of all is that this is the first of three books in a series. It would be brilliant on the screen (hopefully as a TV series) and I think would appeal to people who enjoyed shows like Magpie Murders or The Madame Blanc Mysteries. I’m already looking forward to book number two The Antique Hunter’s Death on the Red Sea. I think C L Miller has found a gap in the market and this book deserves to be a success.

  2. Red Lion Books


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