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A + B + C: Underwraps, Book Club Choice and Your Pick.



A: Underwraps

Each month we carefully choose a book which we think deserves to be read. The choice is always a recently published novel and one that is unlikely to receive the attention it deserves. Our Underwraps Subscription is a great way to discover new authors.

B: Book Club Choice

The monthly Book Club choice is discussed at the Appetite Book Club who meet at local restaurants in the evening and during the daytime at Red Lion Books.

C: Choose Yourself

Let us know what genre of book you would like for your third book. It can be fiction or non-fiction and we will find the book to match.

The subscription costs £33.00 per month. If you purchase through the website, we will treat the quantity you order as the number of months you wish the subscription to run for.

So if you order 6 the total cost will be £198.00 and your subscription will run for 6 months.

Please email us@redlionbooks if you want more information.

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