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Colchester Memories


Patrick Denney

Colchester Memories is an evocative collection of reminiscences recording life in Colchester during the early to mid-twentieth century. The memories have been transcribed from recorded interviews and appear here in the contributors’ own words. Various aspects of life are featured, from childhood memories and schooldays to family life, work, transport, wartime and leisure.

Some of the earliest memories describe the town in the late Victorian period and the Edwardian age that followed. Recollections include travelling in horse-drawn carriages and trams, and living in an age before the invention of television and other trappings of modern life. The book will certainly appeal to those who know Colchester and will offer a nostalgic glance back to how life was lived in the past.

It will prove to be an intriguing and valuable source of information for years to come.

Amberley paperback, £14.99

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