Philosophical Nuggets @ Red Lion Books: 10 week course and taster session

UPDATE 26th October.

The first set of five sessions have worked really well. If you are interested but have been unable to attend you are welcome to join the group for the second set of five sessions.

Please note change of topic for week 6.

Taster Session: Saturday 12th September at 3.00 pm.  Cost £2.00

This is a taster for a 10 week course of philosophy. The sessions will be led by Nick Joll who has taught philosophy at University of Essex and for the Open University and are intended to explore key areas of philosophical enquiry in a light and engaging manner. Tea and biscuits will be on hand to help the grey cells grind into gear!

The 10 week course is divided into two parts and will run Saturday afternoons at 3pm beginning on September 19th.

The cost will be £100.00 (£90 for unwaged) for the full 10 week course which will be split into two 5 week sections at £50.00. (£45 for unwaged)

Each week will explore some thought-provoking philosophical passages. The passages will be made accessible; prior exposure to philosophy is not required. The passages will be provided on handouts, together with suggestions for further reading. Much of that further reading is in J. Stangroom and J. Garvey, The Story of Philosophy: A History of Western Thought (Quercus, 2012).


(Saturdays, 3pm, 19th September 2015 – 17th October)

  • 1.Cold fires, silent crashes: Locke & Berkeley on qualities
  • 2.‘Existence precedes essence’: Sartre on being human
  • 3.‘Mad pain and Martian Pain’: David Lewis on the mind
  • 4.‘The thing things world’: Heidegger on sustaining a world
  • 5.The place of evidence in religion (Kierkegaard, Wittgenstein)



(Saturdays, 3pm, 31st October 2015 – 28th November)

  • 6. Justice, via John Rawls 
  • 7.‘Forty-two’: the meaning of life and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • 8. ‘A good philosophical work could be written that would consist only of jokes’: Wittgenstein
  • 9. ‘To pronounce anything a work of art is [. .] to make a momentous moral judgment’: Clive Bell on art and ethics
  • 10. ‘Subjective and objective have become reversed’: Adorno on ideals of knowledge