Book Cover

Old Heath Memories

Patrick Denney

In the early years of the twentieth century that part of Colchester we know as Old Heath was more like a country village. Some houses backed onto farmer’s fields and people would regularly wake up to find cows grazing in their back garden! Cars were rare; it was horses and carts that delivered coal, milk and bread. With no electricity and a single tap for four houses, life was very different.

Reading these collected memories of Old Heath residents is to be transported back in time. To a time when the toilet was mostly in the garden and when bath time meant filling the tin tub in front of the fire and all the family taking it in turns to climb in. There are memories of wartime – the excitement of the famous zeppelin crashing in Wigborough during WW1 or watching the doodlebugs fly over during WW2.

Packed with pictures this book of memories brings to life the labour and the laughter of a time gone by.