BLOG POST: Nicholas Jubber returns to Red Lion Books

Never underestimate the gratitude that an author has for their readership (and the booksellers) who champion their work.

On a cold January evening, Nicholas (Nick) Jubber travelled all the way from Dorset to speak with Red Lion Books – here in Essex – about his new book; THE FAIRY TELLERS (Published 20th January, Hachette).   He politely requested a cup of tea before settling into our ‘Author’s Chair’ where he entranced us with the stories behind the stories.

Who wrote the fairy tales that have been told and retold for centuries?

In this far-ranging quest, award-winning author Nick has unearthed the lives of the dreamers who made our most beloved fairy tales and from the author’s chair at Red Lion Books he took us on an imaginary pit-stop tour of the book via the 4 corners of the earth where we met the inventors, thieves, rebels and forgotten geniuses who gave us classic tales such as Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Beauty and the Beast and Baba Yaga.

We were reminded of Nick’s ability to ‘tell a tale’, having visited us before to speak about his previous book EPIC CONTINENTS (in 2019).  He really is a wonderful storyteller and a fantastic writer and we were honoured that he adventured into Essex and cast us under his storytelling spell on this cold night in January.