Meet bestselling author, Simon Scarrrow.

Tuesday 31st May 7.00 – 8.30pm

Come and hear Simon Scarrow talk about his writing career and his most recent book ‘Hearts of Stone’.


Simon Scarrow is a Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author. After a childhood spent travelling the world, he pursued his great love of history as a teacher, before becoming a full-time writer. His Roman soldier heroes Cato and Macro made their debut in 2000 in ‘Under the Eagle’, and have subsequently appeared in many bestsellers in the Eagles of the Empire series. These books follow the exploits of centurions Macro and Cato across the Roman Empire – most recently in Britain holding the line against the native tribes under Kings like Caratacus and inspired by the legendary Druids.

Hearts of Stone is a powerful new novel bringing to vivid life the fierce courage of the men and women of the Greek resistance during World War Two.


1938. A perfect summer on the Greek island of Lefkas for three young people untroubled by the simmering politics of Europe. Peter, visiting from Germany while his father leads an archaeological dig, has become close friends with locals Andreas and Eleni. As the world slides towards conflict and Peter is forced to leave, they swear to meet again.

1943: Andreas and Eleni have joined the partisan forces resisting the German invasion. Peter has returned – now a dangerously well-informed enemy intelligence officer. A friendship formed in peace will turn into a desperate battle between enemies sworn to sacrifice everything for the countries that they love…

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