Exhibition of Paintings by Debbie Ayles


We are particularly pleased to be showing an exhibition of paintings by Debbie Ayles in the shop’s gallery space for the month of August.

Debbie who lives locally is interested primarily in lines, patterns and spaces. She uses architecture as her main subject matter as it offers a limitless variety of opportunities to create work based on these elements. She pains in watercolour and acrylic on paper and canvas often choosing buildings encased in scaffolding and reflections in glass office blocks.

For the last ten years she has exhibited regularly and widely in London and throughout East Anglia


Of  this series of paintings Debbie says……..

Architectural forms invite the viewer to look at the patterns that have appeared by accident of light on, within and behind a structure in a city or landscape.  The painting charts a new territory or investigation as conventional vision is subverted by the artist and re-presented according to her rules.  The question is asked repeatedly, where does one feature end and another begin.  Lines appear between shapes that wobble and wave which are disconcerting as they unsteady the scene;  these lines weave you in and out of the painting, shift your focus  and take you on a journey, though often leading you in deeper but with no exit route on offer.  Inside and outside blurs, shadows and reflections take on a new importance and become solid forms.  A ghostly off-white city of paint is created where it is hard to decipher background from foreground and skews perspective.


Stripping down the landscape to pure shapes glimpsed and recorded asks the viewer to look again and challenge the meaning.  The hustle and bustle of a busy street scene or a building site is frozen and stilled for a moment in time by the use of near white acrylic paint.

Behind this fortress of shapes there is a burst of massed colours, blues, purples, greens and oranges, that are stroked, dripped and splashed across the surface, hidden here, exposed there.  They can seem joyful one moment or menacing the next as if the pressures of the ‘scape are trying to break and boil through the apparently calm surface.  The drama within the final composition becomes a meeting of abstraction and realism.