Book Launch: Liz Trenow – ‘Under a Wartime Sky’

Thursday, 20th February at 6.30 pm

LIZ TRENOW launches her latest novel UNDER A WARTIME SKY

Liz Trenow, bestselling author of THE POPPY FACTORY and IN LOVE AND WAR, returns to her Suffolk roots for her latest novel UNDER A WARTIME SKY telling the remarkable story of a group of men and women whose top secret work changed the course of history.

Under a Wartime Sky is an enthralling historical novel by Liz Trenow, based on real-life events at a top-secret wartime research station. Telling the story of the heroes behind the discovery of radar, it’s perfect for readers of Kate Furnivall and Rachel Hore. 1936: The dark clouds of war are gathering across Europe and the brightest minds in Britain have been brought together in a grand manor on the Suffolk coast.

These select few have been tasked by Churchill to develop, in utmost secrecy, an invention that will help win the war and alter the course of history. In this tense atmosphere, an unlikely friendship develops between Vic, a brilliant but shy physicist, and Kathleen, a cheerful local girl helping her mother in the kitchens. Following the news that her brother intends to join the RAF, Kath yearns to do her bit for the war effort.

So when Vic tells her they are recruiting women to operate his top secret system, she makes a choice that will change her life forever. As war is declared, the manor finds itself on the front line of a ferocious battle being fought in the skies as waves of German bombers set their sights on Britain. With the ever-present threat above them, Vic fights to solve problems that threaten to endanger the country, and Kath is forced to make a desperate, life-or-death decision.