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The Summer Showcase at Red Lion Books

03 August
The Summer Showcase at Red Lion Books
Hosted By
Red Lion Books

Our Summer Showcase

3rd August 2022, 6pm

Bookings on the day of any event need to be made via the bookshop and not through the website.

This will be the first of what we hope to be an annual event: Our Summer showcase where we will talk about some of our favourite books, you can tell us about yours.  Authors will join us and there will be a welcome drink on arrival. This is not a seated event, it is a summer soiree.  A seat can be reserved if requested

  • 4 best selling authors (Lesley Kara, Matson Taylor, Frances Quinn, and food writer and gluten-free expert Becky Excell)
  • Free goodies for everybody, included in a tote bag
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Welcome drink on arrival 
  • Tombola (everybody wins something)


Any questions can be sent here


We are VERY excited about our first Summer Soiree
Doors will open at 6pm.
The party will be across three floors with no seating.  If you have accessibility challenges please let us know and we will ensure you have a seat.
You will be able to buy books at the event.
We suggest you eat before or afterwards and can recommend nice places to eat.
There will be a welcome drink and a party bag as you leave.  Kicking out time is 8pm
We ask you to presume that everybody has arrived alone and is therefore looking for conversation!   The aim of the event is to make friends, meet authors and have fun and we can’t wait to see you.
Our website won’t allow bookings on the day of an event so if you would like additional tickets, please email us here.


Event details

Date: 03 August 2022.
Time: 18.00
Venue: Hosted By
Address: Red Lion Books
Hosting: Red Lion Books
Phone: 01206 578584