BLOG POST: Completing the jigsaw puzzle

Somebody today, asked what a typical day at the book shop looked like and we realised there is no typical day.

We start off with grand plans to ‘tidy up’, which generally means, ‘make more mess’.

We always hoover and water the plants and then we usually have a grand plan.  The grand plan today was to gather all the jigsaw puzzles up and display them in the window but then our daily delivery of books arrived.  Each book has to be treated with consideration.  Has it arrived in good condition? Does it need pricing?  Is it ready to be goods in and shelved?  Or are we phoning a customer to let them know their order has arrived?  Remembering, never to mention the title on the telephone – just in case it’s a gift.  Daily shelving and dusting are integral to our day – it’s how we get to know our books and as we move around the shop we find ourselves getting distracted.   Are books in the correct place?  Is Private Eye fiction or non-fiction (given the last year, current affairs have felt like fiction!). Who could we recommend a particular title to?  Which book will we spend our wages on?

So easily distracted.   The jigsaw puzzles didn’t get a look in.

There’s always another day!

Have you completed a jigsaw puzzle recently?