Book Cover

Colchester Military Corrective Training Centre

Carole McEntee-Taylor

As a garrison town the Army presence has always been a significant part of Colchester’s character. In 1947 the German POW camp at Berechurch became an HM Forces detention centre. This book traces the history of the Centre, which continued to use the old Nissan Huts right through until the Eighties when they were replaced with brick buildings. What makes the book so interesting are the accounts of day to day life by the staff and the detainees themselves. So we hear of the harsh regime of the early years when inmates were forced to clean all the dirty pans from the cookhouse with just a bucket of sand, cold water and rags to the recent more enlightened era when play days for children are arranged for visiting families. The experiences recalled are by turn funny, sad and surprising and we even hear mysterious tales of hauntings and the mysterious ghost of cell block F!

Hardback, £20.00.