Book Cover

‘Colchester: Fortress of the War God’

Adrian Gascoyne and David Radford

Camulodunon was a capital for British tribal kings in the days before the Roman conquest and Colchester’s claim to be the country’s oldest recorded town is based on the discovery of some coins minted here and dating to the last few years BC. With its long and illustrious past Colchester has an enormous amount of history buried beneath these busy streets and archaeological digs have uncovered a wealth of artefacts and evidence about the town’s history. This book is a major and comprehensive assessment of the knowledge gained about Colchester’s history from these excavations. It has major chapters on Prehistory and Iron Age times, then the Roman occupation and on through the Anglo Saxon and medieval periods to the beginning of the 18th century.

Maps, plans and drawing illustrate the changing times and all is cross referenced to the original documents making this a key reference for everyone with a serious interest in Colchester’s history.

Hardback, £45.00.