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Books about Colchester and the surrounding area are particularly important for us here at Red Lion Books. We aim to hold in stock all books currently available on our locality and its history. Some key titles are highlighted below and new books will be added as they are released.

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Really Useful Knowledge – Colchester’s lifelong learning legacy.

Alan Skinner

From the exclusive organisations of the eighteenth century to the open-access adult education opportunities that have developed through the last hundred years the people of Colchester have enthusiastically used and supported lifelong learning in the many forms it has taken. This book traces the way in which education in adult life developed in the town … Continue reading Really Useful Knowledge – Colchester’s lifelong learning legacy.

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Colchester’s Historic High Street

Dave Stenning, Richard Shackle and Jane Greatorex

Walking down the High Street, it is the enticing displays in the shop windows and the colourful cafes and restaurants that tend to attract our attention. But look up and you will see some really characterful architecture. In fact, hidden behind some of the rebuilt frontages are centuries old timber framed buildings. This little book … Continue reading Colchester’s Historic High Street

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Prostitution in Victorian Colchester

Jane Pearson and Maria Raynner

In the mid nineteenth century the army camp was built just outside Colchester and soon it was the largest garrison in the country. The town benefitted from an economic boom but with It came problems. There was drunkenness, brawling and, with only 7% of soldiers allowed to marry, prostitution rocketed.  Colchester’s existing red-light district could … Continue reading Prostitution in Victorian Colchester

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Colchester: A History

Andrew Phillips

This is a new, much revised edition of leading historian, Andrew Phillips’ major work on Colchester. Colchester boasts 2,000 years of history. Few towns in Britain can equal that. Yet this new book, by a local author, is the first full and concise history of Colchester to be published for over half a century, during … Continue reading Colchester: A History

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On This ColU Day

Graeson Laitt

Written by historian, statistician and long time ColU fan, Graeson Laitt, this book recalls some of the greatest moment in the club’s history, along with those days we’d all rather just forget. From the FA Cup victories over Leeds United and promotion at Yeovil Town to embarrassment at Bedlington and relegation out of the Football … Continue reading On This ColU Day