Book Selections is a new comprehensive online book site dedicated to helping independent bookshops. We have put together some carefully chosen themed selections of books for the site and you can access them below. Click on the header to view the selection. Books can be ordered by emailing or follow the link for online ordering through the checkout and we will still benefit. As well as browsing these lists you can search through all available UK titles and again, we will benefit from any books you choose to buy.

This last year has been difficult in so many ways. But the response to Corona Virus has demonstrated that it is possible to make enormous changes very quickly – if the importance of change is recognised. We have seen how quickly our air can become purer and  our streets quieter and safer. What can we learn from this year as we look at the important issues facing us globally.

Leaving the house for exercise is allowed. Here is a wide ranging selection of books from the practical to the poetic that will inspire you to tread new paths,  all with one thing in common – the joy and satisfaction that comes from putting one foot in front of another.

Nature and landscape writing featuring Essex. 
Over two thirds of the county is agricultural farmland and at about  350 miles has the longest coastline of all the English counties.

Here are some of our all time favourite picture books and board books.

Books are an enormously helpful way for young children to understand the world, how it works and how they fit in. These books use great stories and pictures to explore some of the challenges many children will face.