Book of the Week, 8th November 2014

 I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

MALALALast month, Malala, at seventeen, became the youngest ever Nobel laureate. Malala was ten years old when the Taliban moved into her beloved, beautiful Swat Valley in Northern Pakistan. Soon life was changing as people threw out their TV’s and Cd’s. But more was under threat than entertainment. Education for girls was frowned upon. At that young age Malala began to chronicle her experiences in a blog for the BBC. Her influence and notoriety grew until she was targeted and shot by the Taliban as she boarded the school bus one morning in 2012. This memoir tells how she survived that shooting and how she eventually settled in Birmingham where she manages to live as an ordinary schoolgirl whilst acting also as a passionate and committed international campaigner for the right of all children to education. This is a powerful and inspirational story.