Book Cover

Battlefield Essex

Andrew Summers and John Debenham

Through history Essex has been the scene of many battles and this book documents the many different kinds of conflicts that have taken place in our county.

There was, of course, Boudicca’s legendary revolt against the might of Rome. After the sacking and burning of Colchester she headed off down the A12 (or its equivalent) with a growing army to give London the same treatment. The Peasants Revolt of 1381 and the Siege of Colchester during the Civil War are featured, but it is the many less well-known slices of history that make the book so interesting. The Battle of Maldon in August 991 saw the Anglo Saxons crushed by the Viking invaders who had already attacked Ipswich with their fleet of 90 ships. It is described in a remarkable Anglo Saxon poem.

Also covered are more recent and, fortunately, less bloody battles. Like the ‘mods and rockers’ bank holiday clashes at Clacton in the sixties and the ‘Battle of Brightlingsea’ in the nineties when protesters attempted to block the export of live animals to the continent.

There is plenty in this book to inform and entertain anyone with an interest in the fascinating history of Essex.

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