‘A Sense of Place’ an exhibition of recent paintings by Wendy Bailey


BEANANGEL (3)Our current exhibition is a show by artist Wendy Bailey who lives and creates her art in Colchester, Essex. Regarding this new exhibition, A Sense of Place, Wendy Bailey says

‘I’m delighted to be invited to exhibit by the popular independent book shop Red Lion Books who contribute so much to the cultural and creative life of Colchester.”

‘A Sense of Place’ is about people and places in the landscape of East Anglia. Colchester countryside, Mersea Island, Abberton Reservoir and the nearby Suffolk Coast are favourite subjects for watercolours, drawings and oil paintings.

A highlight of the show with visitors will surely be Wendy’s unique and popular interactive art experience ‘be An Angel.

Be An Angel is a huge painting of Angel’s Wings spanning two metres wide, in glorious shades of gold adorned with glittering jewels.

  • A golden Angelic Throne is in position for visitors to sit for a while and relax, maybe read a book.
  • Many people experience a pleasant feeling of relaxation, a special sense of joy and peace, which Be An Angel artwork seems to provide.

“Be An Angel is only complete as a work of art when someone sits on the Angel Throne and completes the image” says Wendy “many say ‘How lovely, I feel so relaxed now’.

Be An Angel provides a great photo opportunity – either for a friend to take your picture or you take a Selfie. Then post your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BeAnAngel, @wendybaileypr