Monthly Archives: July 2017

Art Exhibition: Paintings by Sophie Gidlow

The current exhibition in our downstairs gallery features a range of paintings by Sophie Gidlow. The exhibition will run through to the end of July.

I am an Essex based artist and educator, having trained at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London. My practice comprises of paintings and drawings of both abstract and realistic art, however, I am currently concentrating more on abstract design.

I predominantly use acrylic as its fast-drying, versatile qualities ideally suit my way of working. It is left for the viewer to draw their own conclusions as to the context behind my work; I like to allow personal meaning for all.

Like other contemporary artists, I am interested in how the inner emotions of the painter are reflected in their work and find it an ideal medium to express my own mood and sentiments. The design and colour choice of a piece often take me back to the emotions I was feeling at the time the painting was created.

I am inspired by my surroundings, my loved ones and my life experiences, all of which significantly influence my work.

Additionally, I greatly enjoy teaching art to young adults and children, bringing years of experience in both private tutoring and teaching and supporting students in Secondary Schools and Sixth Form colleges.

Book Launch: ‘The Bag’ by D J Cattrell

Saturday 15th, July 3.15 pm

Following the success of his first book ‘The Bucket’ a couple of years ago, we are delighted to welcome D J Cattrell  back to Red Lion Books to launch the follow up.

‘The Bag’ is an exciting adventure, featuring sisters, Rachel and Sarah, and a wicked witch called Esmeralda.

Sarah’s bag attracts the attention of Esmeralda and becomes part of her evil plans.

The action crosses boundaries between different worlds as Sarah realises that her precious bag contains more than she realises.

‘The Bag’ is a magical tale aimed at 8 – 12 year olds.

It is published in paperback price £8.99.

About the author:

D.J. Cattrell trained as a psychiatric nurse, then as a psychotherapist. He left that world to act as main carer for his terminally ill mother, then acquired a degree in performing arts. He helped create and run the New Route Theatre Company, championing new writing and giving aspiring actors new works to try and trained others in international negotiation skills. He has written plays in various genres as well as articles on the world of biodiesel and the relevance of Shakespeare within modern day management and business.

He now devotes his time to writing for children, running a small business, looking after his ageing horse, deaf cat, wife and two children.