HHENRY@REDLIONBOOKSThis is our friend Horrid Henry when he visited the shop recently. This picture is of Henry showing off outside the shop. And when he wasn’t showing off he was really being rather horrid to the people passing by. We have a large childrens section here and always welcome children to the shop. You can come and play on our boat (or is it a train or a plane?). Or play with our much loved Percy Pig, Spot, and the Blue Kangaroo. Look at the books, a chance to see old favourites as well as the brilliant new books coming out each week.. Our stock ranges from baby books and first readers through to Twilight and other exciting teenage thrillers. We always keep an large selection of beautiful illustrated hardback editions of classic children’s stories and fairy tales. So if you’re looking for something special there are wonderful editions of Wind in the Willows, The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and all the other classics.