by AK Blakemore

Signed, Sprayed edge ‘The Glutton’ by AK Blakemore


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Sister Perpetue is not to move. She is not to fall asleep. She is to sit, keeping guard over the patient’s room.

She has heard the stories of his hunger, which defy belief: that he has eaten all manner of creatures and objects. A child even, if the rumours are to be believed. But it is hard to believe that this slender, frail man is the one they once called The Great Tarare, The Glutton of Lyon.

Before, he was just Tarare. Well-meaning and hopelessly curious, born into a world of brawling and sweet cider, to a bereaved mother and a life of slender means. The 18th Century is drawing to a close, unrest grips the heart of France and life in the village is soon shaken.

When a sudden act of violence sees Tarare cast out and left for dead, his ferocious appetite is ignited, and it’s not long before his extraordinary abilities to eat make him a marvel throughout the land.



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Author: AK Blakemore

Publisher: Granta

Format: Hardback

ISBN (EAN): 9781783789191

Date of Publication: September 2023


Number of Pages:


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