Meet the author, Vanessa Streete: ‘Like China’

Saturday 30th June
10 am – 12 noon
Vanessa Streete will be signing copies of her new novel, ‘Like China’.

About the book:

Dobson, just one of those names anyone who’s anyone in London knows. Elizabeth and her brother James have it all – the clubs, the money, the high life, but after the sudden death of their parents the only thing they really have is each other, and that’s the way they’re both determined things are going to stay. With help from Michael, James’ best friend, it’s the way it stays for a while, but time and the violent side of their nocturnal profession are against them at every turn. There are people so desperate to take it all away that they will go to any lengths to get what they want and that includes Elizabeth’s innocence, but Michael has other plans for her on that score and he fights at James’ side to protect her, painfully living the lie of brotherly pretence that has kept his shameful secret from even himself for so long. This is the original fight for a really deep love, the original battle between good and evil, and the honest truth about love and loss and love again.

Published by Olympia in paperback, price £10.99


About the author:

Vanessa Streete was born and grew up in North London where money was short, but love wasn’t. She enjoyed a happy life with Nan just up the road and friends in every street, before moving out of London to Essex in the late 1980s. Vanessa wasn’t keen on school, and at the earliest opportunity was out in the world, but she was always writing and scribbling. She never settled for long though, working as a bouncer, in education and then in venue and events management. She has worked hard for what she has and enjoys life to the full. She is a devoted wife, married to her absolute soulmate. They have one son who is adored and together with two dogs, a crazy Heinz 57 who was rescued from a bin somewhere in Spain and the family beast, they all reside in the Essex countryside.