Children’s Book Clubs – May 2018

Saturday 19th May, 2018

We have two meet up groups for young readers.  One is for younger children (age 8-12) and the other is aimed at secondary school pupils.

PS: If your child came to our April meet up, did he/she leave a hat with us? 😉


Places are limited and can be reserved by email and confirmed with the purchase of the relevant book, from Red Lion Books.  If you have already read or own the title, you can confirm your place with the purchase of any other children’s book.

•             Secondary school readers are discussing 1,000 Year Old Boy, 2pm (for 1 hour)

•             8-12 year olds are discussing Rory Branagan Detective, 3pm (for 50 minutes)

Places are limited and can be reserved by email (

We would like to encourage a love for reading and the confidence to enjoy sharing opinions in a group.  The 8-12 year olds will be led by an adult but the older group will be self governed.   We have chosen a short and fun book for the 8-12 group as it’s a short month!